After more than 3 years of research and development and 6 prototypes, we finally cracked the code on bringing a low-cost, portable, accurate, open-source air quality monitor to market. We call it the AirBeam and it's available starting today on Kickstarter. Watch our video here and get your AirBeam while supplies last!

The AirBeam is a personal, palm-sized air quality monitor that connects to the AirCasting smartphone app via Bluetooth to map, graph, and crowdsource your exposure to fine particulate matter or PM2.5 in real time. Funds raised on Kickstarter will enable HabitatMap to run more programs at schools and in communities and do so cheaper, faster, and with more devices. The good news is the AirBeams have already been designed and many already produced. Now, we just need to scale production, manufacture more AirBeams, and get them into more hands. Meaning our movement grows…. and citizen scientists, schools, makers, and YOU will be participating to help make a difference.

AirBeam Diagram