AirCasting App Privacy Policy

HabitatMap is an environmental technology non-profit building open-source, free, and low-cost environmental monitoring and data visualization solutions, like the AirBeam and the AirCasting platform. Our tools empower organizations and citizen scientists to measure pollution and advocate for equitable solutions to environmental health issues. We focus on low-income communities and communities of color living with disproportionate environmental burdens.

HabitatMap will never collect any personally identifiable information about you through the AirCasting app or website unless you have provided it to us voluntarily, nor will we use any information gleaned from your Android device to market to you or pass your information to any third party. Both the AirCasting Android app and the AirCasting and HabitatMap websites are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Specifically, we recognize that users have the following rights: a right to portability of your personal data; a right to obtain restriction of your personal data’s processing; a right to obtain erasure of your personal data; and a right not to be subject to an automated individual decision.

Location: To geolocate your measurements, the AirCasting app requests permission to access your location. The AirCasting app has several features that enable location data to remain private. AirCasters can “disable maps” in the app settings, which turns off GPS tracking. When AirCasters record data with the GPS disabled, the data never leaves the Android device and is never synced to our servers. AirCasters can elect to save their data to the AirCasting server but not contribute it to the “CrowdMap”. This means the data can only be viewed on the website via a link that you generate inside the app when signed in. AirCasters can also elect to send the data from the app directly to their own server, entirely bypassing the AirCasting server. In addition, when recording fixed indoor sessions, GPS coordinates are never logged.

Microphone: To record sound level measurements, the AirCasting app requests permission to access your microphone. The raw audio captured by AirCasters’ microphones is never recorded; rather the audio signal is immediately converted to a sound level measurement before it is stored on the phone and communicated to the AirCasting server.

Phone Status: To record sound level measurements, the AirCasting app requests permission to read your phone’s state. Knowing the state of an AirCaster’s phone allows the app to temporarily suspend the recording of sound level measurements during phone calls.

USB Storage: To attach photos to notes, the AirCasting app requests permission to read the contents of your USB storage.