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”AirBeam has been a huge factor in our community science project's impact so far. We've been able to reach an audience that would have been way more difficult to draw in before this. AirBeams made this project relevant and accessible.”
- Educator, Science Museum of Virginia
”AirBeam is affordable, accurate, and easy to transport. It gives many ways to interpret data and students love that they get to use scientific technology and can make sense of what it's saying. It gives a real sense of immediacy and relevancy of science to students who might otherwise struggle with science in the classroom.”
- Educator, East Bay Academy for Young Scientists
”AirBeam supports freedom of information, reduces costs, democratizes exposure assessments, and gives low-income communities a viable option to sample air quality in their communities at a price that won't break the bank.”
- Researcher, University of Birmingham Alabama
”AirBeam enables the visualization of air quality in real time; this makes the job of teaching about things which are affecting us but which we can't see easier to talk about in a classroom context.”
- Educator, Parsons School of Design
”AirBeam is an innovative technology that can provide practical and educational benefits and raise awareness about environmental quality. It can also support environmental campaigns and help users identify areas they may want to avoid due to poor air quality.”
- Educator, New York University
”The AirBeam is a sturdy device and easy to use, the graphical interface is great for students.”
- Educator, Mount Saint Mary’s University
”The price is outstanding compared to industry-standard devices and most other low-cost sensors that are close in accuracy to the AirBeam are stationary sensors eliminating the ability to be able to do personal sampling, which is arguably one of the most important methods of sampling.”
- Researcher, University of Birmingham Alabama
”AirBeam solves the problem of displaying and making sense of data, identifying geographical differences in air quality, sharing data and explaining air quality differences to others and to students.”
- Educator, New York University
”AirCasting and the AirBeam makes data collection, data analysis (basic trends etc.) and visualization easy. Introducing air quality to people that have little to no concept of what it is. Making air quality a relatable conversation topic.”
- Educator, Science Museum of Virginia
”AirCasting provides one central platform to upload our data and also gather relevant data from other researchers.”
- Administrator, Government of Alberta Environment & Parks
”AirBeam makes for easy and accurate data collection; making science accessible and relevant to teens; creating an overview of air pollution in parts of Oakland; helping teens feel they have a way to make their communities better.”
- Educator, East Bay Academy for Young Scientists
”AirBeam helps identify environmental inequity, the difference between air pollution in low-income and high-income neighborhoods. In my own research in Los Angeles, I found high-income areas have greater tree canopy cover which combats the effects of air pollution.”
- Researcher, FEMA

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