Join AirCasting at EcoHack NYC this weekend, 4/20 - 4/21. I'll be giving an ignite talk Friday night to rally contributors for Saturday's Hackathon. I've posted my ignite talk abstract below.

Much of what happens in our immediate environment and our bodies passes without note despite the positive contribution that recording and crowdsourcing these moments might have on our understanding of our health and the health of our communities. AirCasting is a platform for capturing this lost reality and returning it to us as useful, actionable data. Using the AirCasting Android app, AirCasters can record, map, and share sound levels from their phone microphone and temperature, humidity, and CO gas concentrations from a handheld Arduino-powered sensor package. 

At EcoHack we want to hack enviro-sense and bio-sense devices, plug them into the AirCasting platform, analyze the data to identify correspondences, and answer real world questions. Is your noisy neighborhood disrupting your sleep?  Is your exercise heart rate elevated when the air is bad? Do your blood oxygen levels drop when atmospheric CO levels are high? Potential hardware for hacking includes but is not limited to gas sensors, the Zeo electroencephalography head band, heart rate monitors, and pulse-oximeters.

AirCasting is not-for-profit initiative. Our platform is open source and purpose built for crowdsourcing environmental health data. Our team of contributors is diverse and includes environmentalists, engineers, scientists, educators, and designers. Come hack with us!