AirCasting Actions is a free resource for helping you and your community actively understand the air you are breathing and start taking action to improve it. Whether you’re a concerned individual or household, a community-based organization, or a teacher the AirCasting Actions digital toolkit has what you need to get started with air quality monitoring. Navigate to your focus area for guides, worksheets, inspiration, and activities to help inform and activate action plans for cleaner air.


If you are new to air quality monitoring, our plan builder will help you get started. The AirCasting Actions 6-step curriculum is designed to familiarize students with what particle pollution is and the importance of reducing and avoiding it. Students will plan and execute a day of observation and measurement using AirBeam air quality monitors. After completing their day in the field, students will report and discuss their findings in class. Depending on where you are and what the students find, the lesson can be extended to encourage the students take action and campaign for cleaner air. AirCasting Actions is intended to inspire and nurture the next generation of civically engaged community scientists. Click here to start building your AirCasting Actions curriculum!


We know that pollution is a problem everywhere, but some communities bear the brunt. Social inequality and systemic racism lead to discrimination in access to safe and adequate housing and land use planning that concentrates polluting infrastructures and facilities in marginalized communities. Low-cost air quality monitors and free resources like our campaign builder offer a solution. Equipped with AirBeams and these downloadable resources, concerned communities and non-profits can measure particulate matter on a hyperlocal scale, collecting quality data to build a case for change. Click here to start building your AirCasting Actions campaign!


Feeling helpless about the state of our environment? Don’t! Now that you’re taking AirCasting Actions you are empowering yourself and others with information that can have a big impact on the health of your community. Government and regulatory agencies throughout the world rely on networks of fixed-site monitors to measure air quality and evaluate compliance with air quality standards. Unfortunately, they are expensive and in turn, few and far between. Since concentrations of microscopic air pollutants can fluctuate drastically over short distances and time periods, government air quality monitoring networks…well… aren’t giving you the full picture. Recording hyperlocal air quality data, block-by-block, and second-to-second, can give you the information you need to actually improve the air you breathe. Click here to get started!