After taking time this weekend and yesterday to do more testing, we officially launched AirCasting today.  Below I've described a couple of my recent sessions to illustrate AirCasting in action.

Times Square to Central Park:
What better way to start AirCasting then navigating between two New York City landmarks. As one would expect, the hustle and bustle of noisy Times Square slowly receded as I made my way up 7th Ave from 42nd St. (You can also see that the GPS had a difficult time locating me amongst all the skyscrapers.) Noise levels peaked again waiting to cross 57th Street’s four lanes of traffic. And living up to its reputation as a respite for a busy city, noise levels dropped almost immediately upon entering Central Park.

East Williamsburg Truck Routes:
This part of East Williamsburg is plagued by a seemingly endless procession of trucks making their way up and down Grand St., Metropolitan Ave., and Vandervoort Ave. According to a recent Truck Study conducted by Organizations United for Trash Reduction and Equity, half these trucks are carrying waste. Not a surprise when you know this area handles nearly 40% of the 12 million plus tons of waste moving through waste transfer stations in New York City annually. Noise levels spiked as convoys of trucks made their way between stoplights. The loudest area was the Metropolitan Ave. Bridge, where the traffic from both Metropolitan and Grand merge. I ended my AirCasting session with a little peace and quiet as I crossed through the Williamsburg Houses.