We're delighted to be finalists for the EPA/NIEHS/HHS sponsored My Air, My Health Challenge. Together with researchers and engineers from Carnegie Mellon University and New York University, we will be using the AirCasting platform to link exposure to carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter with heart rate variability and blood oxygen levels. For those interested in learning more, our round one proposal can be downloaded as a PDF here. Note that round one of the Challenge required a "theoretical" proposal. We hope to accomplish everything in our proposal but with the limited time frame (5 months) and small budget (15k) we'll need to leverage in-kind resources and build off existing hardware and software to the maximum extent possible. We're already contemplating several changes on the hardware front from what was listed in our proposal, including using an electrochemical CO sensor rather than a metal-oxide one and using off the shelf commercially available hardware (the Zephyr BioHarness 3 and the CMS50F) to monitor heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen.