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TOPIC: AirCasting: restrictions on sensor values?

Hi, are there any restrictions on sensor values like only int numbers or double with a max number of digits? (It seems that my external sensor can cause the measurements to disappear from the UI if such values are sent.)
Only integers can be displayed in the AirCasting app UI but for sensors that report values with decimal places, these decimals are recorded, i.e. you can see them when you download the CSV file. There may be a limit to the number of digits that can be displayed. In my experience 5 and 6 digit numbers can distort and break the UI. To date I've been working around this problem by changing my units, e.g. "particles per cubic foot" becomes "ten-thousand particles per cubic foot" to reduce the number of digits. This also has the positive effect of making the numbers more comprehensible.
Ok, thanks.
Page 1 of 1 3 Posts