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I've lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn all my life. In 1976 I married my husband Mike, a Navy Vietnam Veteran. We had six children. And today we have five beautiful grandchildren. I love art, music, writing, seashores, candles, incense, creativity. But for many years I've been forced to focus on community health, environment, parks, and waterfront issues. As we became more involved in our community, we felt more and more that our family's multiple health issues were the result of community wide exposure to chemicals, sewage, garbage and so on. My family's medical health history reads like an Area 51 report. My sister and brother both have a congenital blood birth defect. And my world turned upside down when I began to have Lupus symptoms. I was the third in my building. My daughter is the fourth. My son and brother both have undiagnosed autoimmune diseases. And an exclamation mark was added to our concerns when my mother, father, and their dog died from brain disease. Because my husband & I have been so involved in the community's environmental issues, the things we love to do often get placed on hold. Therefore, every environmental marker used on Habitat Map to indicate environmental problems in Greenpoint, such as waste transfer stations, chemical plumes, sewage treatment, and so on, represents a doctors visit, symptom, disease, or sacrificed moment my family's experienced. This is the way the map looks through my eyes.

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5 Proposed Locations

This map represents five proposed community air monitoring locations.

Tags: Newtown Creek, Greenpoint, monitoring site,

Brain Disease in Newtown Creek Communities

Community markers to pinpoint brain disease within the Newtown Creek community.

Tags: brain cancer, brain disease, brain tumor, Greenpoint, Newtown Creek

Greenpoint Parks & Playgrounds

Greenpoint Parks & Playgrounds with contact information.

Tags: "Greenpoint Playground" Greenpoint parks playgrounds

Greenpoint Petroleum/Gasoline Odors

In December 2018 Greenpoint residents began to smell petroleum/gasoline vapors in the vicinity of Eagle, Freeman, Green, and Huron Streets between Manhattan Ave and McGuiness Blvd. As of 5/3/2019 NYCDEP and NYSDEC believe the issue may be from illegal dumping.

Tags: Greenpoint; vapors;petroleum ; gasoline; vapors


Outreach Map

Tags: 11222, 11211, 11206

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